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'''The Percy Society''' was a British text publication society. It was founded in 1840 and collapsed in 1852. The Society was a scholarly collective, aimed at publishing limited-edition books of rare poems and songs. The president was Lady Braybrooke, and the twelve founding members of the committee included John Payne Collier, Thomas Crofton Croker, Thomas Wright (antiquarian)|Thomas Wright, James Orchard Halliwell (treasurer), Charles Mackay (author)|Charles Mackay, Edward Francis Rimbault (secretary) and William Chappell (writer)|William Chappell. Later members included William B. Sandys|William Sandys, and Robert Bell (writer)|Robert Bell. The editors took care to print the text exactly as given in their sources. This was in contrast to their main inspiration, Thomas Percy (Bishop of Dromore)|Thomas Percy, who often polished up vernacular text by adding lines or merging different incomplete...
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